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Vision & Mission

Vision: Redefining human resources management in today’s evolving business environment.

Mission: To provide valued Human Resources consulting and management services to growing organizations with a focus on promoting an engaged employee culture and a productive workforce.



Customized HR solutions to organization´s workforce challenges

HR Capabilities assessment


Enhancement of the employee experience

Ad-Hoc HR support


Partnership with leaders in HR projects that align with business objectives

Implementation or improvement of an HR structure or strategy

Labor compliance assessment and continued adherence with federal/state/local regulations

On-demand HR guidance to management on employment policies and practices

Implementation of HR policies & procedures

Talent acquisition and retention

Labor Union negotiations

Employee benefits administration




“Monica was an invaluable asset to our team during the challenging process of unionization. Monica effectively communicated with staff to hear their concerns throughout the process. She was also part of the negotiations team and did an excellent job of finding middle ground, so the two parties could reach compromises. Monica also successfully worked to improve staff morale and performance.”

Suzanne McCormick

Immigration Center for Women and Children



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